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faq about x300

What does "TOF" mean?

TOF is the general acronym for "Time Of Flight". It refers to the technology used by the X300 Laser Scanner to measure the distance between the laser and the targets. It is measured the time taken by the laser pulse to go and come back, after being reflected by a target.

What kind of software is required to operate the X300 Laser Scanner on the field?

To operate the X300 Laser Scanner you only need a device equipped with a Wi-Fi hardware and a web browser, like a smartphone, tablet, handset, computer, etc.
There is no need to install drivers or external applications; the scanning software is installed on the X300 Laser Scanner by default.

How can I connect to the X300 Laser Scanner?

X300 Laser Scanner is equipped with internal Wi-Fi router and web server, so it is completely independent from external hotspots.
You have to enable Wi-Fi connection on your device, search for the X300 through the connection manager and then connect to the network identified by the serial number of the scanner (e.g. X300PS300000).
By default the connection is open, no passkey is required.
Open the web browser and you will be automatically redirected to the X300 home page. Enter User ID: X300 and Password: 1234 (default settings).
If the X300 home page is not loaded, clear the browser's cache, refresh the page or manually enter the following IP address:

What OS and web browsers are supported by the X300 Laser Scanner?

The X300 Laser Scanner supports the most common operating systems for computers/mobile (Windows XP/7/8, OS X, Android v.4.1.2, iOS 5) and web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

When do I have to update X300 firmware?

Go to "Information" page on the web interface, here you can check the current firmware version installed on the X300 Laser Scanner. Stonex Europe releases periodically new versions to improve existing software features or add new functions.
On the "X300 Reserved Area" of Stonex website, you will find the last firmware version: check it periodically in order to get the last updates.

For ID and Password please ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is the web interface available in other languages?

Default supported languages are English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Chinese.
To change the language, go to the "Preferences" page of the web interface, select "Language" under system menu and then apply it.
Stonex Europe srl reserves the right to release additional language packs.

Is the X300 Laser Scanner protected against dust and water?

Yes, X300 Laser Scanner is rated IP65 against the intrusion of water and dust.
The sealed external case protects optic and EDM components and allows the scanner to operate even in dusty environments without fear of damaging sensitive parts.

What is the class of the scanner?

The X300 Laser Scanner class is 1M, which is considered safe for all conditions.
Precautions must be taken only in the case of direct and continuous observation of the laser beam and when focusing it through external telescopes or other optical devices. By default the X300 laser beam cannot be aimed or focused to a single spot since it is constantly kept in motion both horizontally and vertically.
The Class 2 is referred to the red tracking light which can be activated by the user for short-range indoor applications (similar to total stations and laser levels).

Where the scan data are saved and what is the storage capacity of the X300 Laser Scanner memory?

All the data are stored in the internal solid memory of the scanner of 32 Gb; you can browse and manage them by going to "Files management" page of the web interface.

How long does the battery last?

In normal environmental conditions, the typical duration is about 3 hours per charge. The charge can be checked on the led bar of the scanner: when the red light on the left turns on, it means that the battery level is low (we're working on an acoustic signal, which will warn you of a low level of charge). You can control the status of the recharge progress on the power pack: if the light is solid red the charge is in progress and if it is solid green the charge is complete.
The recharging process takes about 2 hours.
Please refer to the X300 User Guide for further information about batteries.

How long does it take for X300 Laser Scanner to scan?

The scanning time depends on the scan quality that increases from Preview to Fine mode, as the following table shows (Initialization and Positioning are not included).

What is accuracy on distance of X300 Laser Scanner?

The accuracy is less than 6 mm at 50 meters and less than 40 mm at 300 meters.

Can I use the X300 Laser Scanner overnight?

Yes, X300 Laser Scanner works fine also in absence of ambient light.

Can I use the X300 Laser Scanner indoor?

Yes, but the minimum distance range from targets is 2.5 meters.

What is the Monitoring Kit?

Monitoring Kit is an optional kit designed for monitoring applications. It is the best way to equip your monitoring cabin site: with the 10 meters long cable plug, you can provide external power supply to the X300 Laser Scanner, control it remotely and download scan data via Ethernet connection.

For further information, click here.

What is the GPS Kit?

GPS Kit is an optional kit, which gives you the possibility of mount a GNSS receiver on the top of the X300 Laser Scanner, in order to connecting them.
For outdoor use, it is the easiest way to georeference the 3D data.
For further information, click here.

Is the X300 Laser Scanner always using 90° vertical angle? (from -25° to +65°)

Yes, the vertical frame of the X300 Laser Scanner is fixed to 90° (+65°/-25°), so you must be sure to place the scanner at the right distance from the object. The 90° vertical frame is enough for the majority of the outdoor applications (you can scan a 10 floor building from 16 meter of distance).
Click to see the picture.

What is the X300 Framework?

X300 Framework is an optional horizontal support accessory for X300 Laser Scanner, designed for scanning indoor and in closed environments where ceilings are high (caves, architectural structures and tunnels).
The scan covers the ceiling and the surrounding walls doing a maximum rotation of 240°.
For further information, click here.

How can I download scan data from X300 Laser Scanner and which formats are available?

You can download the scan data through USB memory drive, WI-FI or Ethernet Cable. Go to "Files management" page of the web interface, select the file to download and save it in the preferred path. There are four available formats:

  • ASCII text csv, to export pointcloud in txt format (x,y,z,reflectance)
  • STONEX Cloud File (x3s): format of Stonex Reconstructor
  • X300 Raw File (x3r): raw data format that contains the original scan measures.
  • X300 Archive File (x3a): compressed format that wraps all the data of a single scan into a single file (scan, pictures and calibration files).

Please refer to the X300 User Guide for further information about the file formats.

end faq


faq about reconstructor software

What software is provided in order to manage the X300 data?

Stonex Reconstructor is the software solution designed to manage the X300 data; it is a customized version of the well-known JRC 3D Reconstructor software made by Gexcel srl.
Stonex Reconstructor software is able to fulfill different application requirements, from construction and infrastructure, cultural heritage, architectural to mining surveys.

What are the main features of Stonex Reconstructor?

Stonex Reconstructor software is made by three independent modules:
Survey, Construction and Mining:

  • Survey module is the fitting solution to capture, process and analyze 3D data of artefacts acquired with the X300 Laser Scanner. You can extract elevation, plans and cross sections. Colored mesh models can be created and fly-through videos recorded.
  • Construction module is designed for construction and civil engineering sector; it provides deformation and displacement maps, calculation of areas and volumes.
  • Mining module is designed for open pit mine, landfill and in general landscape topographical application; it offers solutions for infrastructures and land surveys, mines, landfills, excavations and support to geological analysis and monitoring.

For further information, click here.

How can I download Stonex Reconstructor software?

The software is available for the download on the "X300 Reserved Area" of the Stonex website.
For ID and Password please ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do I have to activate Stonex Reconstructor?

The software can be freely installed and used for 30 days trial without any license. The Trial version grants the features of all the three modules (except export function) for a complete and satisfactory evaluation of the product. 
When the Trial expires, the software remains installed and available in Viewer mode. Viewer allows users to open existing Reconstructor projects and operate simple tasks, such as 3D view and measures, but not to change or export data.
In order to activate the license, please follow the tutorial available on the "X300 Reserved Area" of Stonex website.
For ID and Password please ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All activation requests are subject to legitimacy check by Stonex Europe srl.

Can I use raw data on Stonex Reconstructor?

Raw data (x3r) must be converted to Stonex Reconstructor format before importing them. You can do it using the "X300 Converter" software available on the "X300 Reserved Area" of the Stonex website.
For ID and Password please ask to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Please refer to the X300 User Guide for further information about file formats and importing procedure.

Can I export and manage X300 scan data in third-party software?

From X300 Laser Scanner it is possible to download data in ASCII (not colored) and Stonex binary format.
Once imported in Stonex Reconstructor it is possible to export data in several formats like .e57, .ptc, .ply and many other standard formats. Meshes, polylines, points, and measures can be exported to CAD formats (.dxf and others).
Please refer to the X300 user guide for further information about the file formats.

How can I color a point cloud with RGB (color blending)?

In order to apply RGB data onto an X300 point cloud you have to use the internal digital cameras to take pictures of the targets, during the field survey. Please refer to the X300 User Guide for further information about import and color X300 point clouds.
Please refer to the X300 user guide for further information about the file formats.

How can I register/align different point clouds?

The point clouds registering process is based on shape matching between scans and can be easily carried out with Stonex Reconstructor. In order to enhance the accuracy, be sure to have overlapping areas between pairs of point clouds.
Using black&white flat targets, the shape matching results easier.
Please refer to the Reconstructor User Guide and Tutorials for further information about registration.

Can I make a video to use as presentation?

Yes, with Stonex Reconstructor you can make a Flythrough video without using other software.
Draw and define the trajectory you want to be followed and save the Flythrough video as a movie in standard formats.
Please refer to the Reconstructor User Guide and Tutorials for further information about Flythrough videos.

end faq






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Renewal: 01/02/2016.

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