The structure monitoring with GPS receivers plays a key-role in security since it allows timely evaluation of the structure changes with the aim to detect any risk or danger on property itself or on the people, allowing enough time for reacting or  intervening and saving souls and money.  



The purpose of this application is to provide data on the structural dynamics of the bridge, in order to verify and design ready solutions in case of strong wind, earthquake or with any other disaster or catastrophic event; provide data for more rational and functional design; develop a reliable monitoring system that has a self-control function in order to monitor the system’s mistakes itself.

In this case there are one or more fixed stations (stations’ network) which monitor each control stations fixed on the structure. The data is periodically collected and processed.

The control station antennas are positioned on the points that needs to be monitored; the main points are those who  give any small feedback on the movements of the entire structure or a part of it ( for example the bridge pillars or the points of max flexibility of the main span).

The base station antenna is placed in a stable zone; precise coordinates are assigned to each local reference system. 

The Stonex SC200 receiver can be used as a Fixed Station or as a Control Station, in case you need to get few millimetres accuracy.



It consists of the real-time control of measurements of monitoring stations using the 'differential corrections' generated by a fixed station (modem connection) or from a network of GPSs (NTRIP). The acquired accuracy is in range  2-3 centimetres.

The measurements will be executed to obtain the diagrams that represent the displacements in function of time. Since the measures are three-dimensional, even movements can be represented in three dimensions. Fixed and control stations can be equipped with appropriate devices to send data to the processing center. The post-processing software can be provided with the appropriate means to activate alarms.