Waste management

The separate collection of waste is the best way to preserve and maintain natural resources, for our benefit, but especially for the environment and the next generations.

Thanks to the cataloguing and control of the waste collection locations, it is possible to optimize disposal and quickly remedy to possible inefficiencies of the system.

Thanks to Stonex GeoGIS Office it is possible to compose a customized catalogue that includes all the necessary attributes for this specific job. The catalogue is transferred to the software Stonex GeoGis, installed on Stonex S7 GNSS handheld.

With this mobile tool, responsibles for check and supervision are able to catalogue directly in the field:

• State of degradation of garbage bins;

• Possible relinquishment of rubbish outside the dedicated areas;

• Require garbage truck to empty bins;

• Geolocalized photos to document the job.

In the office it is possible to view all data collected moved from the S7 handheld to the GeoGis desktop application for data processing, localization within Google Earth  or export them to various formats for further processings.