Coastline Erosion

The gradual erosion of coastlines, due to both natural and human causes, greatly damages the economy of the populations who live near to the coasts: buildings, roads, railways are more and more subject to the erosion of the coastline.

Using a Stonex system such as GeoGis software combined with one handheld GPS Stonex S4 or S7, it is easy to quickly and accurately monitor the continuous repositioning of the coast line:

  • The bathymetry sections and the plan of the coastline survey are introduced and displayed by Stonex Geogis;
  • A specific software procedure allows the boat driver user to navigate onto the drawn lines.

The periodic survey of the coastline allows to prevent excessive erosions thanks to the opportune planning and construction of antierosion barriers.

One STONEX SC200 GNSS high precision receiver installed on the hydro boat, combined with a digital echo sounder, make it possible to check the status of the sea bottom near the coastline, increasing the effectiveness of prevention.

This way, the acquired data can be combined for an accurate analysis of the movement of the strand line.