Faq Total Station

Stonex is always near to its customers and also provides a constant online support.

It is possible to use the integrated GSM modem to send data through internet?

Yes, the internal modem can be used to send data as well as to make phone calls. A functioning SIM card is required (not supplied with the instrument)

How many data output format  are available?

Several  format available, ASCII-CSV-DXF-GSI-Sokkia-Stonex.

How many languages  are available for stonex R5/R6

Actually English, Dutch, Polish, German, Espanol, France, Italian. Additional languages are available upon request.

Which software for data download is provided with stonex R5-R6?

Stonex Data Manager, a software tools developed  to support all Stonex instruments. In addition we provide Stonex Exchange Tools, a data download software dedicated to TS R5 and R6.

Does Stonex R5 and R6 works under operative system?

Yes , the instruments in controlled by a powerfull processor running an operative system.

Does STONEX R5 and R6 works with an external controller?

Yes, they works also with an external controller. Stonex is providing PS236 or Stonex S3 like external controller and SurvCE like controlling software.

Are there  available versions  running at temperature below -20°C?

Yes, we can provide Total Station with LCD screen tested at -30°C

What is the maximum storage capacity (number of measures)?

Around 10.000 points, including angles and distances.

Does R6 always measure up to 600 m of distance in reflector less mode?

600m is the maximum distance of measure in reflector less mode for R6, and it is possible only using a kodak target with 90% of reflectivity, with good weather and in condition of not strong sunlight (Sunset).

Is coming any calibration certification with the instruments?

Yes, it is coming a document of calibration in respect of DIN 55 350 normative.

What is the IP level of the instruments?

Both R5 and R6 are IP54

Which is the latest firmware release?

Actually we have V1.34, but before end of summer we will introduce firmware release 1.36.

There is a laser plummet  provided with the Total Station?

Yes, both R5 and R6 are provided with a laser plummet.

Is there any electronic compensator inside STonex R5 and R6?

Yes, R5 and R6 uses both a dual axis compensator for inclination correction.

Can be the measure referenced to GPS or geographical coordinates?

Actually we have V1.34, but before end of summer we will introduce firmware release 1.36.



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