The very first Stonex reference stations network has been established in Russia. It is fully operational. Seven Stonex RSNET stations were looped in a regional network provide high quality RTK positioning corrections and other high precision data on demand coming from the network Stonex and non-Stonex  users. Over thirty Stonex S9 rovers have been purchased recently in the region to use the services of the Stonex reference stations network. The Stonex Eagle Server  network software provides RTK GNSS high precision (CM accuracy) for various applications like survey works, monitoring, construction control, asset management, cadastre, navigation, etc.

The solution enables customers to increase productivity and reduce costs – there is no need to use a separate base station. A Stonex network was created by Poleos, a Stonex regional distributor in the Urals. The solution includes: Stonex RSNET stations, GNSS choke ring antennas, Stonex Eagle Server Software. According to Sergey Legashov, General Manager of NovaNet, Stonex master distributor in Russia, Stonex offers really affordable, reliable and cost-effective survey solutions gaining more and more popularity in the Russian market.