“Since last summer, I use the Stonex S9 GNSS receiver, which I was perhaps the first in Hungary. The initial and ever since, despite a negative campaign against the never regretted my choice, indeed! I'm very pleased with it. The last time I worked with it in the north of the Ipeľ valley, on both sides of the border and the eastern boundary edges, but most of the southern lowlands. Corrections always was, I could still work, which according to some fixed IP, the CIMES, Telenor roaming disabled card, others that a well-thought-out, and a strong customer due to a modem. At the end of last year, I changed the Getac controller, which was originally bought, Stonex S3 controller. Was a good decision. On the one hand cleaner sharper, better display and a longer life. On the other hand, is subject to a separate GIS software can be used for nature study, thanks to the built-in GPS and mobile connectivity option and the camera. Thirdly, and this is not a negligible factor, the S3 is not make fail the compass on the road. Do not believe the rumors spread about it. To me, one in Italy, and licensed Trimble GNSS receiver components assembled, but should be considered an alternative to the more expensive products from big-name manufacturers. With the support and with the software was not a problem, although many will be of great help if the translation software Stonex SurvCE finally finished, but supports colleagues are always available, if you're stuck. All in all I would recommend to everyone!"
Joseph Lennert, Engineer, surveyor, surveying experts - CSMMK GGSZ Board Member

"The Stonex was run continuously for the past two months. Both the outer and the inner area of our work reliably and efficiently work. As the ability of GLONASS and NAVSTAR account (and is prepared for the Galileo and COMPASS also) very quickly - within 1 minute - ready for measurement. Outlying areas could be measured continuously and moderately wooded shrubby areas. Observing the inner area of the measurement rules and relying more on satellites used also in the process of the measurement system can be considered. As included in the fare, so we have the terrain immediately provide national coordinates. The batteries are built to withstand long days of work, the easy to install. The built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity for superior control. The GPS management, control menu system is simple and clear. The equipment is fully assembled with no 3 kg. A good relationship with your dealer (Geotools Ltd.), by telephone, and personal support in relation to the problems to be expected. I note here that in the past no problem, and neither Stonex: the SIM card was defective. The Geotools summarily sent another one with which we can work steadily ever since. Overall, say that is a very good value for money has been obtained pointing device with good support background. In good conscience I can recommend all colleagues".
Joseph Kis - Békéscsaba



"Six months ago, using a STONEX S9 with GETAC controller and with SurvCE software - the greatest satisfaction. Use of the instrument is much better than the long used ones, value for money is the best. There has not quite been a task that was not given quickly and effectively solve. In the receiver integrated modem is very fast and stable communication between the mobile networks from virtually anywhere - even at low signal strength conditions. Receiver software-hardware pair of signal processing is fast, erratic correction signals are stable position. Of course, as always in the past, the distributor of personal and telephone support are also satisfied".
Krisztian Serfozo - Surveying Ltd

"You know, it was August of last year, unconditional that it was necessary to purchase a new generation GPS. We made an investigation of all available brands / models are then presented in the previous test and measurement, price / value ratio as well as the economy, taking into account the Stonex S9 GNSS RTK receiver and controller Getac, we decided buying it. There was a non-negligible factor in the delivery time was very short even immediately after that work with. Today, feel free to say it was a good decision. Performance characteristics and ease of use is one of the best means our receivers today. There is hardly find such a work area where we (thanks for the strong receiver capabilities) cannot perform real-time measurements. In this case, the mobile operators (although all of them use / card exchange) coverage (eg internal Bükk Mountain, Zemplén / Nógrád narrow wooded valleys) of the problem. But the uninhabited parts are still not preferred mobile service providers. In summary: If you care about the opinions and experiences of this type I advise all prospective buyers, at least strong consideration. Thank God (or unfortunately), I cannot say badly, but I promise I'm working on it, because the primary interest of you. It is still clear / developing technology, which our users, so we want to benefit from it".
Julius Boros, manager - Geodesy Borsod ltd