2011 - Fiammamonza

Davide Erba, Sole Director at STONEX Europe Ltd, was appointed President of ASD Fiammamonza 1970, one of Italian leading women's football teams, being in the National league since 1979.   The Vice-President of the football team is Gianluca Rossi, Director of Finance and Administration at Stonex. Beside him, some historical figures of Fiammamonza, such as the Vice-President Gaetano Galbiati and the Councillor (ex President) Robert Lo Grasso. The choice of the new Presidency, together with Dr. Anthony Cincotta and Prof. Antonio Rovida as technical staff for A2, will be crucial to lead the team to high levels. The promise is to join forces, passion and skills in a young and dynamic sport in order to achieve successes on and off the pitch, taking care of athletes’ mental and physical growth.