Stonex is active on research and development of software solutions for Geodesy applications. Our team is based on engineers with deep experience and knowledge of Geodesy sector and our aim is to develop software packages that match the need of our target market. Stonex software can be used on handheld hardware platform or PCs and are done with a high accuracy to embed the latest evolutions in geodesy and technology.

Flagships of the software designed by our R&D are:

Geogis: a software package, running on handheld PC with embedded GPS processor, suitable for GIS application;
Stonex Data Manager: a user friendly topographic software, available in international version, allowing the following operations:

  •     Connection with GPS receivers and Total Stations for download and upload data
  •     Import/export of data in different formats (Dxf, shape file, …)
  •     Mathematical model and contour lines
  •     Volumes and areas computation
  •     Field profiles
  •     Roto-translation operations using raster image and vectorial data
  •     Conversion from different reference systems using geographical and cartesian coordinates
  •     Other (Cadastrial, distance measure, measure correction, etc)

Stonex Point Maker: it generates Rinex Files for kinematic postprocessing software using “raw data” coming from Stonex GPS receivers of family S9. Our R&D department is currently finalizing an additional powerful package, which official launch is 2012.

Stonex Cube: an innovative software for “on field” data processing of survey data coming from GPS receivers and Total Stations. It runs on Windows Mobile platform and is hardly optimized for Stonex PS236 fully rugged handheld.

R&D is also working on future developments and releases, mainly focused on static GPS post-processing and map georeferencing softwares.