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Stonex R2Plus


Stonex R2Plus
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The STONEX R2 plus is an upgraded version of STONEX R2 Total Station range.
The significant specification is the high-precision EDM measuring with millimeter accuracies while performing angular measurements in order of seconds of a degree. The STONEX R2 Plus encompasses laser technology (class 3 laser with a wavelength between 650 and 690nm) for distance measurement and coding technology for optical angular measurements.

The instrument design is characterized by its robust mechanical chassis, certified dustproof and waterproof (IP55) standards. The STONEX R2 Plus is built with high performance optics with a 30X magnification factor and illuminated reticle featuring superior sighting quality in any lighting condition.
The STONEX R2 Plus offers angular accuracy of 2" and 2mm + 2ppm accuracy on distance measurements. The instrument EDM features DR distance measurement range 500 meters on 2” accuracy instrument and a measurement range up to 7000 meters with single prism.
The removable storage option of SD card allows greater flexibility to increase the storage capacity and downloading of data. The instrument is facilitated with a mini USB connector for upload and downloads of data to the computer and other external devices. The instrument can be supplied with an inbuilt laser plummet or an optical plummet.

 Key Features:

  • Reflectorless 500m (2”accuracy), range up to 7000m with single prism
  • Communication with the mini USB port to load/download data
  • Laser technology (class 3 laser with a wavelength between 650 and 690nm) for distance measurement
  • Alphanumeric keyboard on both sides with high resolution LCD display and backlight and 8 lines of 24 characters
  • Large storage capacity with 128MB internal memory and up to 2GB SD card for external memory

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