Combining the latest in industry leading GPS/GNSS and optical technologies with customized software and wireless communications, Stonex solutions help to quickly capture the data needed and turn it into actionable information for end users.

Stonex solutions for improving productivity on transportation projects, span a broad range of activities including:

  • road surveying
  • stakeout applications
  • as-builts
  • design verification
  • road surface maintenance checks
  • tunneling stake-out, as-built, and maintenance
  • railway alignment and maintenance
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A reflectorless Total Station with best tool for surveying for everyday works

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D2 Digital Level

The right solution for measure gradients or height precision GPS systems

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T1000/1100 Autolevels

Autolevels T1000/1100 Series are immediate to set up and use

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Stazione totale senza prisma | stazioni totali| Stonex R2 plus| strumenti di misurazione | geosystems| sicurezza di cantiere |strumenti topografici

R2 Plus

Powerful performances at affordable prices for measuring with millimeter accuracies

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CORS Station, top level performances at an affordable price

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The recommended leveling instrument for contractors, builders, professionals land surveyors and Engineers who demand accurate leveling every time

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