Portable GPS solution for Surveying and Gis Mapping

STX AGRI-MAP is a handheld GPS system for measuring and points data collection, areas and perimeters of plots of any shape and size. This is the most innovative Cloud platform and in real time developed on Android to the world of Surveying and GIS. The software was designed to be used by everyone and allows you to do surveys on foot or by motor vehicles. The data projects can be shared in real time with all operators on site by a Google Cloud Storage, a storage service based on the Cloud that allows you to store and access data easily on Google’s infrastructure.


STX Agri-Map: functionality


  • Import maps from Google Maps;
  • Measure surfaces and distances through satellite surveying and detect their shape;
  • Detect and draw land;
  • Measure the surface area (m2, km2 and acres) and the perimeter;
  • Check the land area compared to the declared value;
  • Detect points coordinates and identify them;
  • Map the property with saving all files;
  • Centralized management of real-time remote data acquired in the country thanks to the infrastructure Cloud ENLIL;
  • Transfer the measurements directly to the PC;
  • Ability to control the activities carried out by operators in the country;
  • Ability to associate photos and / or videos to the acquired points and share them in real time;
  • Export files in most common formats;
  • Relief in any coordinate system (WGS84, Local ..), import and processing of points from a coordinate system to
  • another;
  • From internal GPS, with metric precision, to the geodetic GPS (S8, S9, S10) with centimeter accuracy, thanks to the connection with Bluetooth;
  • Inclusion of points and lines manually, directly on the map of the relief;
  • Customizing the graphical attributes of the points displayed (size, zoom level, size, color);
  • Ability to bind directly to the points various layers and view those of interest.


STX Agri-Map allows to have a control of the
surface where you ran a specific work, to measure distances and buffer zones, to locate and
find an area where it is carried
a withdrawal of terrain to analyze
and so much more ....
simple and fast!







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