Mobile GIS for Mapping and recognitions of territorial elements

Detect, categorize and share data in real time

STX City-Map is the hands-on answer to the needs to provide the professionals working on the field with integrated and scalable instruments, matching the most advanced GIS technologies existing on the market, significantly amplifying work opportunities.

Professionals as Foresters, Agronomists, Land Surveyors, Civil Protection operators, City Vigilance, Police and multiservice companies that work in territorial environment, easily can:

  • Create a mapping project and information assembling to detected ground elements, using raster or vectorial maps, inserting it into a reference system selected from the main existing or created in order to fit their working needs;
  • Build, develop and manage customized informative territorial database;
  • Catalogue surveyed elements according to their  geometric category (points, lines, areas, paths);
  • Carry out measurements and inspections directly on the field;
  • Survey those elements (points, lines, areas and paths) focused on the update of the related database;
  • Send data in real time from the field to the office through ENLIL Cloud;
  • Check in real time the adequacy of the inserted data;
  • Store digital photos and documents along with surveyed data.


For more accurate measurements

By connecting via Bluetooth the STX Tablet with external GPS STONEX S8, it will be possible a centimeter accuracy!






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