Satellite technology for high precision Jet Grouting works


STX-DRILL is a GPS guidance system for Jet Grouting work able to determine the correct planimetric position of the columns and the verticality of drilling tower, during the site work, recording and reporting deviations from coordinates planning.




work flow


The STONEX SATELLITE GPS positioning solution to the Jet-Grouting is divided into two operational phases:

1. Office Job
2. Field Job

The project data processed in the office can be shared in real time with all operators on site by a Google Cloud Storage, a storage service based on the Cloud that allows you to store and access data easily on Google’s infrastructure.

The data received from the GPS antennas transmit their location, through Wi-Fi, to mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs or tablet). The hole coordinates are recorded and can be displayed in the office, in text and graphics format on the map.

Import Format : DXF or TXT.



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Stonex offers two solutions: a high precision solution and an entry level solution.

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